Turbulence ✈️

(A rant about travel anxiety and turbulence)

Before 2014 you were just a song I loved to dance to by Steve Aoki & Lil Jon.

Now you are the absolute worst. I hate you. You suck more than most things. You make me feel horrible.

You are why I prefer trains to planes. One of many reasons.

Besides being expensive, I’m terrified of heights, so paying money to be shaken like a protein shake thousands of miles in the air doesn’t excite me.

The anxiety I experience on any aircraft throws me off. It’s hard to maintain equilibrium while your anxiety is telling you to prepare for death.

I get a little queasy but the whole experience makes me uneasy. Sweating, shaking, heavy breathing, more shaking.

And of course, I’m sitting next to a man who won’t stop shaking his leg. I get it. He’s probably nervous or it’s a habit but it’s freaking me the hell out. Me traveling compared to me on a plane is like going from Wonder Woman to a scared child in the fetal position gasping for air

There is nothing I hate more than this violent shaking and sinking feeling. This is worse than any roller coaster at the Fresno fair. Nothing is consistent. Shaky then stable. Constantly navigating between being calm and being overpowered by complete chaos.

After reason and circulation return to my brain, we’re floating through cotton candy clouds. Then there’s music, my solace. Shifting my focus from the plane itself back to my body

Deep breath in and out, repeat until calm.