Vegas to H-Town

My flight to Vegas as a ghost town where my flight to Houston seemed like it was the only one available. Going from a spacious plane to a crowded one isn’t ideal but I’m glad the flights weren’t switched.

When I arrived at the airport in Las Vegas the section I was sitting in was full of people speaking German. I heard someone say “essen” which made me think hmm food does sound good. So I grabbed a snack to munch on. While I was snacking I started thinking about this trip to Cuba and my life. I fell into a thought hole and this is what I wrote. . . .

We often focus on how wrong things are going instead of appreciating what is going well. Our definition of right and wrong is constantly changing. We are so set on being the writer, director, and producer of our own lives. Sometimes it’s important to realize that there isn’t a predetermined script that you have to follow. I struggle with letting go of that script. I also create mini-scripts for people in my life, I like to call them assumptions or expectations. They aren’t fair to anyone involved. We have to learn how to allow space for ourselves and others. We create our own balance. Situations vary but you are the only you. We have the power to mold our lives. The strength to manifest your dreams has always been inside. I have been running from my dreams then running towards them. It’s almost like I’ve been doing suicide exercises when you sprint from one side of a field to the other. I’ve decided to stop being afraid. My fear of success and failure have kept me from allowing myself to fully live. I’m done with that. I’m living it uuuup. Taking chance and making mistakes as Ms. Frizzle used to remind us to do on the Magic School Bus.